Windows Live OneCare safety scanner

Windows Live OneCare safety scanner

A free web service that provides protection and maintains health of your PC
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If you are tired of the threats of viruses and spyware, now it’s time to offload all your worries regarding the health of your PC. Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner 14.0 is a free service for online scanning and protection of your PC. Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner is a free web-based service of Windows Live that protects your system against spyware, malware, viruses and other PC threats.

All you need to do is download and install Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner 14.0 onto your computer, in order to make it run. Once you are through with the installation process, you can start scanning your system. Unlike other antivirus programs, it offers to you two options – ‘Quick Scan’ and ‘Full Service Scan’. The Quick Scan method offers to scan for virus threats only in some selected areas of your system. However, the Full Service Scan takes care of all the common health issues of your computer such as open network ports, performance of your computer and viruses. One of the most important and reliable features is that it takes the responsibility to search and remove viruses from your system, so as to increase the performance of your computer. The ‘Full Scan’ offers virus scan, Disk Fragmentation scan, Disk cleanup scan and Open port scan. Also, it takes care of your system to get rid of all the unwanted junk matters taxing on the hard disk of your machine. A Full Scan service is always customizable and you are free to choose any one of the two options that meets your requirement. However, the Quick Scan method is much faster than the Full Scan Service. In that way Windows Live OneCare Safety Security provides you with a very relaxable, simple, easy-to-use, yet strong PC protection service.

Windows Live OneCare safety Scanner 14.0 is packed with so many additional features, apart from its own virus protection program that you can hardly find in a most of the available antivirus programs. Besides offering you free security scanning service, Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner offers you with features like:
- Information regarding online PC threats.
- Searching the Microsoft Virus Encyclopedia.
- Provides you with answers to all your PC health and safety-related questions.
- Offers to you a variety of tools that helps to protect your computer as well as takes care of the optimization and enhancement of the safety of your computer.

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  • Able to check and remove viruses from your system
  • Helps in removing the unwanted junk matters from the system’s hard disk
  • Helps in improving the PC’s performance


  • The virus scanner of this service runs a scan on the user’s computer only when the website is visited
  • Does not run system scan periodically
  • Does not offer to prevent virus attacks from affecting our computer at that time or after that; only claims to remove the detected virus infections
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